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Trying to meal prep and consistently eat right has always been a huge struggle of mine. I honestly don’t have much excuse past the fact that I get overwhelmed trying to plan and am not the most organized person to follow through anyways, so I was super excited for the opportunity to try out Superfit Foods this week and not have to plan or cook any of these awesome meals.

If you aren’t familiar with this company, Superfit Foods is a meal service where you can order fully prepared and personalized meals delivered straight to your door every Thursday (or for some lucky Floridians, you can pick up your meals at their various drop off locations). There are tons of dietary preferences that you can put in like vegan, paleo, pescatarian, gluten free, and more, as well as more specific customizations.

This week, I chose three “main meals”, two “boost meals”, one breakfast, and two snacks. Here are the items I selected to NOT be included, just to give you an idea of how truly specific you can be with what you do and do not want to be included in your meals:

Ground Beef Burger
Ground Beef
Pork Loin
Pork Sausage
Baked Diced Potatoes
Baked Potato Mash
Baked Potato Wedges
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
White Rice
Soy Products

I was seriously so impressed with how much I was able to select exactly what I did and did not want to receive in my meals. So here are the meals I received and what I thought!

Chicken and Waffles with sugar free syrup (I ended up using my own maple syrup but I like that the syrup was included for when you’re on the go!)

Boost Meals:
Brisket wrap with BBQ sauce
Chicken wrap with balsamic vinaigrette dressing

Main Meals:
-Steak, purple potato mash, and asparagus
-Ground turkey patty with brussel sprouts and sweet potato fries
-Brisket, purple potato mash and squash

Sweet potato bar with chocolate drizzle
Vanilla protein donuts with fruity pebble

So here’s what I loved-

First, the ease of ordering and customizing the food is unlike any other service I’ve seen. The customer service is amazing, getting to talk to a real person and having quick communication is basically unheard of these days, and I just love the down to earth friendly vibe I got. There is tons of variety, even within just the few meals I got, and having quick healthy options is something that is definitely a plus for me. I think especially if you tend to be going through the drive through more often than you’d like or are a single parent/have a spouse deployed and don’t have more than one adult to cook for in the house (not that I know anything about that), this whole system is a great option.

Here’s what I didn’t love as much-

The part wasn’t a huge deal for me overall but I did think it was important to include my whole experience and every side of what I thought. Literally two thing! 1.the veggies were pretty bland with all the meals and 2. the bread items (waffle and donuts for me) were a little tough and didn’t have tons of flavor. I was able to add some seasonings to the veggies, which I understand the logic behind keeping them plain since not everyone will like the same flavors, but I still felt like a little salt would have gone a long way. All the meat had great flavor and was by far my favorite part but I just felt like the veggies were lacking in comparison. This really isn’t a huge deal, but I do feel like for the price I was expecting really yummy meals and overall for me they fell just a little short of that each time. Same with the bread- it’s meant to be healthy and packed full of protein which is great, but I still wish the overall taste was better. I would absolutely still choose this over fast food so please don’t misunderstand that I still think this is a great company, I just needed to share all sides of my experience.

As a whole I think Superfit Foods is a great company and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with them! Don’t forget you can go to try them out for 10% off with coupon code ANDREA10 so if you’re on the fence this is a great way to get your food at a discounted price! Let me know what your experience is when you do try them, I always love hearing feedback and reviews from my readers!

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