top ten tuesday: cleaning products

I’m back with a top ten Tuesday post- finally! Life has been slightly crazy around here the past few weeks but I’m excited to get back into a little bit of a groove this week.

Y’all know I am all about using products with clean and safe ingredients and that definitely overflows into what I use to clean my house with! I want to include a little disclaimer in here and just say that I am kind of obsessed with Young Living’s Thieves products so basically any of their cleaning stuff I would just give a blanket recommendation for, but I realize not everyone wants to order through a consultant or buy a kit to be able to place their own orders so I’m recommending these products here that I also use/have used as well. They’re all great products and no matter what you’re making a switch to or from, every little bit counts!

  1. Dishwasher Detergent

Seventh Generation has been my go to for a while now and I can honestly say that its a great value for the price as well as genuinely works. I’m not a fan or the pods or packets in general (any brand) so I really love that I can buy a huge bottle of this stuff and it last me a couple months or so. Definitely keep and eye on for sales because Amazon and Target do coupons or sales on it pretty regularly.

2. Biokleen Laundry Detergent

This stuff is also bomb and is serious when it says on the bottle that it’s enough for over 300 loads (what?!). My only complaint is that the bottle is so huge it’s super heavy for me to lift up and down off the shelf above my washer for the first few weeks! You literally use so little of this stuff though and there’s no weird chemical smell to your clothes after which I looovvveee.

3. Greenberry Kitchen wipes

I learned a while back that those handy Lysol/Clorox wipes I was using to wipe down every surface in my house had some seriously terrible ingredients in them. Like, dangerously bad, especially around kids (why do companies do this?!). So I went on a hunt and ended up finding Greenberry wipes at TJMaxx of all places. I’ve also found them at Marshall’s and Homegoods and they’re pretty much always in stock when I go to get some (I buy several containers at once) and they’re like $3.99 so seriously great deal! I linked to amazon so you can see ingredients and details but know you can find them for 1/10th of their price other places!

4. Beauty Counter hand soap

So I’m going to be completely honest and tell you that I haven’t actually tried this exact product before, but I have tried other ones in this line with this scent and can definitely stand behind those. Y’all know I’m obsessed with Beautycounter in general and I don’t you can really go wrong buying anything from them, but if you do happen to not like it, they have a 60 day money back guarantee so it’s worth a shot! I’m ordering some with my next BC order so I’ll for sure let you know the definitive review later.

5. Vinegar

If you aren’t already using good old fashioned white vinegar to clean you are missing out big time. I know this might sound a little gross since the stuff smells terrible, but put some in a spray bottle (50/50 water and vinegar) and it’s great for cleaning everything from baseboards to vomit out of the couch. The smell disipates really quickly and takes away other bad smells too, like vomit. I grew up with my mom cleaning so many things with this stuff and always hated the smell, but here I am cleaning my own house with it now and don’t even care because it works so well.

6. Unicorn Beyond Clean stain remover

I discovered this stuff a few years ago when we were cloth diapering our oldest and I was having some issues with stains. All my fellow cloth diapering mom friends swore by this stuff so I ordered a bottle and was so impressed. We haven’t cloth diapered in over two years but I still keep this stuff on hand and soak the kids clothes in it any time they get really bad stains (blueberries, anyone?). I’ve never seen it in stores anywhere but it’s worth ordering.

7. Puracy dish soap

This is another one that I discovered through cloth diapering because I used another one of their products to wash the wool diaper covers we used (don’t ask, it’s a thing I promise). This doesn’t have a super strong scent or any huge wow factors, I just like that it does the job well and my hands aren’t soaking in a tons of extra chemicals I don’t want. I find it on clearance a lot too so that’s always a plus for me!

8. Thieves all purpose cleaner

Ok, so here’s my number one go to I was talking about at the beginning. You get a huge bottle of this stuff for $20, use like a tablespoon in a spray bottle of water, and this stuff cleans everything. I use it on my counter tops, to mop my floors, get stains out of the carpet, literally everything. It smells so clean and fresh and just makes my whole house feel better. I signed up as a member so I could order my own stuff whenever I want vs going through another member and have zero regrets. Young Living has a huge range of products from essential oils to vitamins and baby products, but I’m mainly just in it for this stuff right here. If you’d like to become a member or order through me, I’m happy to help! Just shoot me an email.

9. Microfiber cloth

I feel like this might be something that most people know about and have but if you don’t, get on it! I love these especially for cleaning windows because I’m terrible at not leaving streaks otherwise. It’s great for lots of other stuff too, and I have two that I’ve been using for years so totally worth a few dollars to have good cleaning/dusting cloths! You can find them at pretty much any grocery store for super cheap.

9. This mop!

Last but not least is this awesome mop that one of my best friends shared with me from Target! It’s $17 and worth every penny. The pad is removable and washable so you can use it over and over forever, and the cleaning solution dispenser is refillable so instead of buying the swiffer brand refills or whatever, you can just put your own cleaner in it (I use Thieves in it, duh) and spray away while you mop! So easy to use and so versatile. Love, love , love!

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